Family Holidays in the Coromandel

family pauanui

The Coromandel Peninsula is a popular holiday destination for people from all around the world.  On the Coromandel there are some incredible natural landforms – Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove are the two most well known places.  I live in one of the most spectacular pieces of paradise called Onemana, but I’m coming to really enjoy Pauanui.  I went to Pauanui again recently to meet up with Kathy, Phillip and their family to capture some images during their New Zealand summer holiday, we had a fab time exploring the southern end of Pauanui Beach, checking out the rocks, sand dunes, creek, and then went out to the spot where Kathy and Phillip were married nine years ago and of course we took some images where they had their wedding photos taken.  Everyone should do this!  Th thing I love about editing galleries of family portraits are the smiles and love. I just can not help but smile when I’m sititng on my computer.  A huge grin comes over my face, such a great feeling knowing that these will be treasured and I had a part in it.  Safe travels guys!

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Family Portraits

Gorgeous siblings! These guys were sooooo great to photograph and super photogenic!


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NZ’s version of Senior portraits?

Does NZ even have a version of Senior portraits? Probably not.  In fact, I think I can safely say, no.  Kiwis are generally humble and reserved creatures and we don’t tend to look for such experiences.  However, I really wish we did.  I would love to have some shots of myself when I was 18.  I was young, wrinkle-free, thinner than I am now and I would love to have that to look back on.  Americans do it well.  It is huge.  I wish it could be a huge thing in NZ too, so if you have a teenager, get some portraits done of them even if you have to bribe them!   I love the age group, here are some portraits we took of these stunning girls, Nicole and Melissa. Ideally, these would be done in their own environment but since they were on holiday for the weekend we took these inside.

IMG_3609 copy

IMG_3626 copy

IMG_3646 copy copy

IMG_3611 copy

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Trash the dress

These are some old photos from a Trash the Dress shoot I did a looooong time ago. I enjoyed tilting the camera back then, now its seriously making me feel quite dizzy and very OCD.  I want to straighten every horizon and my neck is getting sore looking at them.  Also, these were shot on a crop camera and feel way tighter.  Now that I’m used to a full-frame I definitely prefer a looser composition.

Anyway, I’m posting these because it makes me aware of how my style has evolved and how I’m always learning and trying to improve.